Teardrop Build


Plans for my teardrop have been coming together for the past year.  During the summer of 2015, I designed the chassis and commissioned a man in North Carolina to build it.  I chose a smaller than normal foot print for my teardrop at 4′ x 6′.  Traditionally teardrops were 4′ x 8′, based around a sheet of plywood.  I did not need the extra interior space for sleeping because my teardrop will be a small mobile gallery, and not a camping trailer.

I was able to laminate the aluminum sheeting (which is currently coved in a white protective PVC coating) to the plywood and then have it cut on the CNC router at the university.  This allowed the side profiles, door, and hatch ribs to fit as accurately as possible.  The build was kicked into high gear when I found out I would be spending my final semester of graduate school, Spring 2016, in Los Angeles, California.  Thankfully, Seth was able to spend almost 2 weeks in Syracuse with me finishing up as much as possible before the big trip to LA.